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Rancho Cordova Neighborhood On Alert After Peeping Tom Arrest

Rancho Cordova Neighborhood On Alert After Peeping Tom Arrest
February 13, 2016 10:12 PM
By Lemor Abrams

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RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – Investigators are asking people in a Rancho Cordova community to remain vigilant tonight over a suspected peeping tom dilemma.

Police say a mom called 911 about a suspected peeping tom in her daughter’s bedroom window.

“Maybe we’re a little bit in denial, feeling like we have a sense of security, and we let our kids roam,” said neighbor Rachelle Ussery.

This family friendly Rancho Cordova community is suddenly on guard over a suspected peeping tom.

“You just always have to lean on the side of caution,” said parent Jamie Dyer.

It was late Thursday night when their neighbor caught a man talking to her four-year-old daughter from her bedroom window.

Police arrested Sean Michael Deichler on misdemeanor charges of peeping and prowling. He was booked at Sacramento County Jail and released the next day.

Sege Oh is the neighborhood watch captain.

“I’ll be attending more neighborhood watch meetings with the Rancho Cordova police officers,” Oh said.

Police advise neighbors to lock windows and doors, bolstering locks if necessary.

“You want to love and trust your neighbors, but you always have to keep that barrier because you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors,” Oh said.

Deichler is expected to be arraigned in court on March 14.

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