Potential Trade Destinations For Dwight Howard

Potential Trade Destinations For Dwight Howard
By Matt Furtado/Sports 1140 KHTK February 12, 2016 1:25 PM

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The Houston Rockets and Dwight Howard haven’t had the best relationship since the big man signed with the team in 2013.

The talk around the league is that Houston is contacting teams to find a trade for Howard.

While Howard is not nearly the same player who helped the Orlando Magic reach the NBA Finals in 2009, he is still a good defensive weapon.

The biggest downfall with Howard is that he doesn’t understand that his skills on offense don’t warrant 20 shots per game anymore.

If a team can get through to the center that he is strictly a defensive player at this point in his career, he can be a real asset to teams who are trying to improve at the trade deadline.

It is important to note that Howard as a player option for next season, but he has made it clear that he wants to opt out and become a free agent.

Trading for Howard this season would more than likely be just as a “rent-a-player.”

With that said, here are few potential landing spots for Howard:

1. Chicago Bulls

Houston gets- Derrick Rose and Nikola Mirotic

Chicago gets- Dwight Howard and Patrick Beverley

The Chicago Bulls haven’t been the same team since Joakim Noah got hurt. Noah was the defensive anchor, as well as the player the offense often times ran through.

The Bulls are currently in the 7th seed with a record of 27-25.

By acquiring Howard, the Bulls would regain the defense down low which they are currently missing. It would also allow Pau Gasol to move back to the power forward position, where he has played most of his career.

Chicago would have to give up Derrick Rose in order to get Howard. Don’t let the name fool you. He’s not nearly the same player who won the NBA MVP in 2011.

The Rockets would also get Nicola Mirotic who is an outside shooting power forward. The Rockets love to shoot the three-point shot making it a perfect fit for Mirotic.

2. Boston Celtics

Houston gets- David Lee, Evan Turner, and Tyler Zeller

Boston gets- Dwight Howard

On the surface, this sounds like an unfair trade for Houston, but each player from Boston has an expiring contract which would free up cap space for the Rockets in the off-season.

The Celtics are playing far better than most people expected this season. They currently sit in the third spot in the Eastern Conference with a record of 32-23.

Boston has truly been led by all-star Isaiah Thomas, but if they have any hope to beat Toronto or Cleveland in the playoffs, he is going to need some help.

3. Washington Wizards

Houston gets- Bradley Beal and Nene Hilario

Washington gets- Dwight Howard

Houston would really benefit for a trade like this. Both contracts are expiring, but with the potential for a guy like Beal, it could be a tryout period to convince him to resign with the team next season.

Beal has always been a highly sought after shooting guard, but he has never reached the level people thought he would.

Howard would join his old teammate with the Magic, Marcin Gortat. That would be one heck of a back court duo with two seven feet tall centers playing at once.

The Wizards are in desperate need of some help right now. They have completely fallen off from last season.

They are five games under .500 and in the 10th spot in the Eastern Conference.

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