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User Policy

The information we collect and how it is used:
All information received is confidential and not shared with any other company, if you agree to receive newsletter you will receive news and notifications via email of our members and businesses in

Learn about the types of information we receive and how that information is used.

Share and you find in Poxte
All items I have information in forums is easy to share on social networks where you are registered when this information is shared on their personal social networking profiles is added a link Poxte reference. com

Learn about privacy options that help you control your information

Other web sites and applications
You decide on your profile if you want to share your personal information for demographic purposes or advertising, also acceptable if you want to receive newsletters on the site of our members and negociosos. In the application of “points” your information is required to maintain their active sites and for use in other businesses.

Learn about things like social plugins and how information is shared with the games, applications and websites you and your friends Poxte used.

Advertising and content Poxte advertising is local only, if you’re from Sacramento will find businesses that are small independent family and acquaintances, results are not 100% safe and broadcasts oh sexual content inappropriate for our audience. We reserve the rights of access to those who try to use inappropriate content in some of our automated services. Business in the classifieds and inappropriate or aggressive for our hearing sense images are not allowed.

See how ads are served without sharing your information with advertisers, and understand how we pair ads with social context.

Cookies, pixels and other similar technologies
Cookies to streamline the content DOWNLOADS Poxte and recognize if you set some adjustments to its website are used. Locator Google also is used to give you better business relevance close when encuetra in that area.
Find out how cookies, pixels and tools (such as local storage) are used to provide services, features and relevant ads and content.

Some other things you need to know the policy is to establish values ??between users and local businesses in Sacramento for a public with respect, also servicos of these same businesses for community service are offered. We invite you to become part of whether you are established business user.
Learn how we make changes to this policy and more.

This policy was updated on May 1, 2015.