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Murder Mystery: Who Killed A South Sacramento Man And Left His Body Wrapped In A Tarp?

Murder Mystery: Who Killed A South Sacramento Man And Left His Body Wrapped In A Tarp?
February 12, 2016 11:56 PM
By Adrienne Moore

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SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Police are investigating a murder mystery in South Sacramento where a body was found wrapped in a tarp outside of a house.

Investigators say the man was found in the front yard near the driveway. Family members have identified him as 60-year-old Arthur Rodriguez.

His brother Gerry Rodriguez says he had a generous heart and can’t imagine anyone wanting to hurt him.

“We just know that his soul is already up there and maybe that’s just the spot where he’s happier,” he said.

It is an anxiety filled game of hurry-up-and-wait as he waits to learn why his brother Arthur was attacked and left for dead in his own front yard.

“We heard that the guy was trying to hide the body or remove it because there was a tarp on it,” he said.

Just after noon, Sacramento Police say a man showed up at a local hospital with stab wounds. Friends have confirmed that man is Ronald Montez, who runs an anti-gang program for local youth.

He told investigators there was another assault victim at the home on Emerson Road as well. When they arrived, they found a tarp draped over the 60-year-old’s body.

“Officers then made entry into the location into the residence to check for additional victims. Once inside there appears to have been some kind of a struggle that occurred inside the residence,” said Sacramento Police Sgt. Bryce Heinlein.

The grisly scene unfolded just feet from Gina Lyles’ bedroom window.

“I’m just totally shocked because I had seen him across the street just standing there this morning. He was a nice guy,” she said.

Rodriguez says his brother lived in the home with two roommates and had a deep passion for music.

“He used to play in Freddy’s Band. He’s was with the Orange County Air Force Band at one time,” he said.

With so much information still left to unravel, police will remain on scene processing evidence overnight so they can piece together the mystery.

“Hopefully when we put him to rest, a lot of his friends can come pay their respects,” he said.

Friends say Montez is going to be OK.

Rodriguez leaves behind a daughter and a granddaughter. No arrests have been made in the case.

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