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Humberto Garibay – HG Kosmetiks

Humberto Garibay has 11 years of experience in the world of beauty, high fashion, and cosmetics industry as an educator, image consultant, columnist beauty in magazines and TV, representing major brands of cosmetics and founder of his own line cosmetics “HG Kosmetiks” which is focused on repair, correct, firm, and prevent premature aging.

Humberto GaribayHumberto Garibay, lives in the City of Sacramento CA, is a respectable professional by celebrity, magazine editors, producers and lovers of beauty cosmetics. Humberto is focused on revolutionizing the cosmetic world with treatments that give immediate results to meet the needs of our customers. For this reason, I think the HG Kosmetiks line with active and effective ingredients that make changes from the first application. The constant struggle to give the best and continue to improve with new techniques and alternative treatments to cosmetic surgery.

Humberto wants to inspire new generations to believe in themselves, prepare them to achieve their career goals.

Humberto believes that one should never feel satisfied with the achievements of the past. Success is achieved with daily work.

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