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About us

In the advertising industry, we have been involved for over 10 years, with extensive knowledge from advertising analyze, create the design, printing and publishing on the web and social sites.

Our Mission:
Being residents of Sacramento for more than 20 years we have seen the need to establish a bridge of communication between our direct community to help not only advertising but also with knowledge and education to improve all aspects of their business.

What we do:
-Graphic design management vector images and high resolusion.
-Color printing in different formats and materials such as banners, signs, stickers, magnets,
-Printing on shirts and embroidery.
-Websites, from domain registration, hosting, design, content management, Advertising and statistics.

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Our experience in design work have impression of many of our customers led us to the conclusion to maintain a closer relationship with our website. We are convinced to offer our customers best deals and promotions for your business.

Creating a more consistent advertising system with many ways to advertise and reach the highest growth of the community in Sacramento.
Cover different advertising media bringing the same concept inall channels, whether in print, online, on mobile applications or emails. Our goal is to motivate potential customers for future business consumers of Poxte.